Welp… Here Goes Something

Hey there, people of WordPress! Fizzlesnoofson’s the name, and today, after what may have been a year since actually making this page (There’s probably somewhere I can find out, I don’t know at the time of this writing.) I’m actually writing a blog post! I would’ve done it sooner, but then… well…


Yeah… That’s a thing that happened. *cough, cough* Anyway….

Well, hey! I’m here, and I’m ready to write some stuff, so… let’s talk!

What exactly will I be making of this blog? A food blog? An art blog? Review blog? Well, the answer is yes! (Except that food blog, I don’t have particularly refined tastes.) This blog will be a personal blog covering a lot of different topics. I figured I’d use this first post to explain just what I’ll be doing around here!

  1. Talks/Rants: A longer post than most of my other posts, just talking about something that’s been on my mind recently. These might stretch a bit, so, make sure you have the time!
  2. Reviews: A review of a game I played or story I read recently, letting you know my personal opinion about the subject in question.
  3. Art: A look at a piece of art or clay figure I made, talking about how I made them, y’know, art stuff!
  4. Lists (Probably): A post where I make a list based on a certain category. A “Top 10” if you will.

Well, that’s what I plan on doing! Additionally, I’ll likely be making other posts that don’t fit into these four basic categories. I may make more types of posts, but that’s for future me to figure out. Right now present me has got to deal with this, and this is just my first blog, so I gotta take it slow.

When will I be posting? That depends. I’ll try my best to post twice a week.

I’m pretty new to blogging and blogs in general. See, I intended to start this months ago, but then…


Yeah, that also happened… *cough, cough* Anyway…

If you have any ideas on how to improve this blog, then feel free to leave a comment down below. I want to make this blog the best it can be. Liking the post really lets me know you enjoy reading this. Hope I didn’t ramble on for too long, and I’ll post later this week, (hopefully. Again, no promises.) later, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Welp… Here Goes Something

  1. So… y’know how I said I’d try to post twice a week? If it wasn’t clear from this and last week, I bit off more than I could chew with that. Posts will come out whenever I know what to write. So… until then, see ya.


    1. So I finally found it, after quite a long time of coercion on my Internet’s part. I like what you’re doing here, although I may be a bit late to the party.

      I would recommend that you post more often, not sure how convenient that would be for you, but it’s honestly pretty entertaining to read what you have to say.

      You may not get popular, (My YouTube account) but that’s not what it’s about. Try making something of this, I’d actually enjoy it. Also, you could talk about music if you’re as opinionated as I am when it comes to that. Or a basic “get to know me” Thingy. Anyway, and above all else, keep it going!

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      1. Thanks! I’ve recently gotten it to where I’m posting a bit more regularly (Twice a week at best, once a week at worst.) I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep that up, but we’ll see what happens. Even if I take a break for some time, by no means am I giving up on this blog unless I say otherwise. So keep an eye out, as I’m only just getting started!


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